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Looking for Professional ECU Remapping in Salisbury? ECU remapping can not only enhance the performance of your vehicle, but it can also help your engine run more efficiently and thus be more economical with a higher mpg.

Our ECU Remaps have been developed specifically to each individual make and model of vehicle, ensuring you receive the best possible tune/remap for your engine.

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eco tune Eco Tune

Delivering a good power output, whilst concentrating on maximising the engine's MPG.

If you're looking for a smoother power output from your engine with the greatest increase in economy, this remap is for you.

hybrid tune Hybrid Tune

A hybrid tune delivers the true torque and power of your engine, whilst giving your vehicle an increase in MPG to help reduce the running costs of your vehicle.

A great remap for those who want the best driving experience when desired and the most economy when being driven more gently.

performance tune Performance Tune

A performance remap is all about unleashing the maximum power output from your vehicle's engine.

Increasing torque throughout the range gives a more constant and more powerful output from your engine, outputting maximum BHP for a ftasre more fun vehicle.



bullet white ECU REMAPPING - The Facts

ecu chip icon How ECU Remapping Works

The original engine map on your vehicle's engine has been developed to perform efficiently and reliably across different enviromental conditions throughout the World. The map even takes into consideration the different emission laws across different countries.

An ECU remap optimises the original engine map to maximise the torque, performance and economy, whilst keeping your engine reliable.

turbo petrol engine icon Turbo Petrol Engine Remaps

Petrol turbo engine remapping can truly unleash the power and performance of your car. Remapping your turbo petrol engine can increase torque, increase power, deliver better fuel economy and have a smoother power delivery across the rev range.


turbo diesel engine icon Turbo Diesel Engine Remaps

Remapping a turbo diesel engine can benefit an engine which already has high torque and good MPG for those long journeys.

A turbo diesel engine remap will further increase torque, increase horsepower, increase MPG and give a smoother power delivery.

benefits remapping icon Benefits of Remapping

A good engine remap can make your vehicle have more usable power across the rev range and make your vehicle more economical with lower running costs. Another added bonus is making the vehicle more fun to drive.

By optimising the air and fuel mixture your engine runs smoother and leaner whilst generating more horsepower with high boost pressures from your turbo.

economy tuning block icon Economy Remapping

An economy remap is not just about refining the fuel air mixture to your engine, but also increasing lower end torque. This thus in effect means less throttle is required to maintain your cruising speed, resulting in a higher MPG.

We could increse your MPG by as much as 20% with a economy remap.

performance tuning icon main Performance Remapping

A performance remap optimises the engines ECU to deliver maximum BHP and torque to deliver the highest possible safe power output from your engine.

A performance remap can realy change the performance of yoru vehicle and make your car more fun and quicker to drive.




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