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Vehicle CCTV installation in Poole & Dorset. Vehicle CCTV can help reduce false claims by up to 60%, saving your company time and money. With the reduced false claims, a company can expect to save around 20% on insurance premiums. The cameras also encourage better driver habits to also help reduce accidents and help keep your fleet on the road.


auto air bullet benefits of vehicle cctv

reduced insurance premiums

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Vehicle CCTV can save you around 20% on your fleet insurance premiums, which can equate to a substantial yearly saving.

company assets protection

Company Assets protection

With live footage streaming and GPS tracking, your company is always in touch with your vehicles. Live monitoring can be used when there has been unauthorised access.

improved driver behaviour

Improved driver behaviour

With live monitoring and GPS tracking you will be able to see any bad driver habits and stop them before they become an issue or cause an accident.

save time and money

Save time & Money

With saved footage of any theft or accident, this can be used to quickly setlle any insurance claim which may be outstanding.

reduced accidents

Reduced Accidents

With the live footage and analytics, improved driver behaviour will reduce the amount of possible accidents they could be involved in.

360 degrees vision

360° Vision

Eliminate blind spots with 360° vision, ensuring your drivers don't miss a thing when they're on the road.



auto air bullet Prices

Please call us for prices on our CCTV systems, price is dependant on how many vehicles and what type of vehicles require systems in your fleet.

Install vehicle CCTV into your vehicle in Poole today.



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